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Who am I?

Thany you for your visit.


I have been in the electrical field fixing board problems for about 20 years. I started out as a consumer and manufacturing field tech. After 5 years I moved on to PC repairs. 10 years later, I moved into the Arcade and Pinball repair service. I now provide board repair through the mail and local in-house service calls on Video Arcade games, Pinball games and Computer work.

Most of the work I receive by mail is based on a fixed price such as board repairs (parts are extra). All my in-house service calls are based on an hourly rate and a trip charge may apply.

Once the repairs are done, I will send you an invoice by email with details of the repairs that were performed and all the parts used, if any. You then have the choice to pay by personal check, M.O. or through Paypal. Once your payment has been received, I will return your items to you. I will also include a hard copy of the invoice plus any bad parts removed from the item you sent in for repair.

All my work comes with a 30-day warranty. My turn around time on most items is usually 2 weeks but you may want to check with me to find out my present workload. If you're sending me any work, please check with me first and include your contact information with the item you are sending.

Thank you for dropping in and I hope to serve you soon. Enjoy your gaming experience at AMC Solutions.