Needham's EMP-10, EMP-20 and EMP-30 Programmer


This burner has been a really good burner for me.

It sets up relatively easy and burns all the older EEPROMs and most newer

chips I need for the projects I work on.

The only disadvantage is that it does not burn PROMs.

For burning PROMs I use my Xeltek programmer.


Here is a picture of the item you will need to run the Needham EMP-10. The EMP-20 is very similar to the EMP-10.

The EMP-20 is a little faster and supports more devices, still no PROMs. Not sure what the differences are on the EMP-30.

To give you an idea of the speed, to program a 2732 on the EMP10 it takes a whole 20 seconds or so depending on the dump size.

You will need at least one module (RAM looking cards in pouch). For the most part you will only need the M1A/M1B module.

It will work with the older EEPROMs like 2532, 2716, 2732, 2764, 27128, 27512 and so on.

Once you start the menu and click on "Select Device" it will tell you what module you need to install into the EMP10.


Below is a screen shot of the menu.....very DOS looking. Despite the look of the menu it's very easy to navigate and very reliable.


Installing is fairly simple. This device hooks up via your parallel port (Printer port) on your PC. You may have to go into your bios of your PC and determent what I/O address your parallel ports is set to. I only used this programmer with Win98 2ed edition and XP.


Installation steps:

1st - Connect your Needham to your parallel port with the 12VAC 1000ma external power adapter

2ed - Go into your BIOS of your PC to determent your Parallel Ports setting, write it down. You will need it in step #3.

3ed - Boot your PC normally and run the install program. (Download the appropriate install program from below)

4th - That's it, it should be working once you click on the icon for Needham.



Right click on the file(s) you need and click on "Save Link As...". These files are in a zip format and will come with a device list and the install program.

Install program for the EMP10 programmer (will working in DOS mode): For Windows 98 and XP users

Install program for the Needham's EMP20 programmer (should work with XP in DOS mode, have not tried it): For Windows 98 users

Device List for the EMP10 programmer: In PDF format.

Earlier install ver. 4.12 for the Needham's EMP10: For Windows 98 users or XP in DOS mode

Install program for the Needham's EMP20 programmer: For Windows 98 users (should work with XP in DOS mode, have not tried it)

I have a ver that was supposed to work with XP but it came out later just before Needham closed it's doors, I think it has some bugs. I never had time to test this ver since I was still using my programmer on my old win98 PC. The XP ver doesn't seem to be working but haven't tried it other than install it.....I'll have to look into into it a little more, but here is a copy if you dare to try it yourself: For Windows XP users


WinZip 7.0 program in case you needed it: For Windows 98 and XP


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