Xeltek Super Pro 2


This programmer will burn just about all of the chips that the EMP-10 does plus PROMs.

But it's not as reliable as the Needham. On several occasions, I had bad chips burned on

this unit or it would error out for no reason. It is faster than the Needham and the

menu is about the same. This unit does not use modules like the Needham.

Instead it relies on you to enter the correct make and model of the

particular chip you're burning. This unit does not require an external power

source but it does require an ISA card (not pictured) that plugs into the

programmer via a 25 pin serial cable.




Below is a screen shot of the menu.....again very DOS looking. You will need a copy of the device list to use this programmer.


I only hooked this up to a DOS and Windows 98 2ed edition PC, since you need an ISA slot for the adapter card.


Installation steps:

Read the instructions that come with the download file listed below.



Right click on the file(s) you need and click on "Save Link As...". These files are in a zip format and will come with a device list and the install program.

Install program for the Xeltek: For DOS and Win98 users

Device list: PDF format

HTML device list: HTM device list



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